Light Echoes 12” Vinyl

Juno Mamba


Space as inspiration. Considerations and exploration. Foundations and obliteration… it’s all relative. Life, death, decay and beauty. It’s all consciousness. This is the foundation Juno Mamba has been led by and built upon. A relatively new artist to the uninitiated, Juno Mamba creates dystopian soundscapes that pull the listener in with each listen. Taking inspiration from man-made structures and natural elements, each composition is a journey within itself. From the musical intricacies of lead single ‘Flicker’, or the rolling immediacy of the club-ready ‘Blossom’, each track comes with a purpose and fulfils that purpose in totality. The release is rounded out with reimaginations by Nathan Micay (LuckyMe/Whities) and TSHA (Counter Records). Juno Mamba’s Light Echoes EP will be released worldwide on Soothsayer.

“The process of creating Light Echoes ended up being a journey of self-discovery. Trying to get an understanding of the world; past, present and future, and how I see myself fitting within this landscape has always been a constant struggle. How can I contribute positively to this world and what do I want to leave behind?”

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A1. Flicker

A2. Blossom

A3. Bright Noise

B1. Slow Light

B2. Flicker (Nathan Micay Remix)

B3. Blossom (TSHA Remix)

Light Echoes 12” Vinyl by Juno Mamba